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Scott is one of the hidden secrets in Chamonix. My wife suddenly developed a severe shoulder/arm and neck pain just as we were a week into a family holiday in Europe - she could not move her left arm or even lift it above her hips. She's had this pain before and previously it would quickly escalate into a very severe case that would last half a day or more.

We contacted Scott late on a Saturday evening following a recommendation. He quickly responded and was able to see us the very next day (on a Sunday!). From the very first WhatsApp message it was clear he was looking for the root cause of the pain and was determined to fix the underlying problem rather than just the symptom (which is what previous physiotherapists that my wife went to would do).

In a 1-hour appointment, Scott was able to accurately diagnose potential underlying issues, apply specific treatment and recommend follow-up exercises, further physio/massage treatments and (most importantly) advice on what sort of treatments and "solutions" to avoid to ensure the issue would not resurface. Immediately the pain was gone and range of motion was restored. Within 24 hours, my wife just had some lingering tightness remaining in her shoulder and within 48 hours the issue was gone completely.

Scott is not only extremely skilled as a physiotherapist, he aims to diagnose and fix the cause rather than just treat the symptom. He was incredibly professional, helpful and accommodating for us on a weekend and helped address a potentially serious issue. Definitely will be back to see him when we are back in Chamonix!

dimitri & katianana katchalov

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