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scott cornish MCSP MHCPC

BSc Physiotherapy
IBFI Level 3

Scott trained as a physiotherapist and bike fitter in the UK, coming from a background  of racing mountain bikes and mountain sports. In his aging years, he continues to race (the longer the better!), trail run and ski tour. Scott brings a wealth of personal experience into his professional practice.  


Body & Bike Works is all about you. It's not simply about the treatment session, but also about educating you about your body. We all have asymmetry within our bodies, that's normal! It's also more than muscle deep, extending through our superficial and deep fascia layers (the interlacing connective tissues within the body). Quite often, we aren't aware of these asymmetries, thinking that we are exercising in a symmetrical manner when infact there is compensatory movements going on, especially when we fatigue during training or racing. An aspect I observe regularly in bike fit sessions. Working on your imbalances, proprioception, stability and strength deficits are part of prehab sessions and can help with injury prevention. Rehab is sometimes about taking you right back to basic movements and also importantly, education about the injury and any associated issues. Much of which I have experienced personally through injury rehab and improving efficacy both cycling and running. 

A late entrant into the world of cycling, I took off across France ​on 2 wheels after my A-levels with little more than a couple of Ortlieb panniers, paper maps, some youthful exuberance, plenty of naivety and some luck. This forged my desire for adventure on 2 wheels, youth being my sole defence against injury. Transitioning from the casual tourist to the committed racer, niggles, aches and pains began to emerge, especially in the lead up to and during my first stage race, the 3rd edition of the infamous 8 day Cape Epic mtb stage race back in 2006. Understandable so as I was now 34. 

Intense training  was taking its toll and I wanted to understand more about pain, injury and biomechanics. Being bounced between both fitter and therapist, I sought to combine both skill sets, training to become both physiotherapist and bikefitter, aligning that with my personal experiences as an endurance rider to both bikefit and treat all in the same session. 

I have also lived with degenerative disc disease in the lower lumbar spine since my late 20s and learning to manage and adapt to that has been a challenge as it has gradually worsened over the years. I had already developed compensatory movement patterns by the time a diagnosis was made. Keeping on top of the strength and movement work is key especially with the demands I place on the body. 

Clients are from a  diverse range of activity backgrounds, from beginner to elite level. Whatever your injury, pain or ache, Scott can help to not only resolve the issue, but also help you to better understand the reasons behind the symptoms and work with you for a long term, self management plan. 

Massage is the mainstay of helping to keep the working muscles in top condition. Scott offers a full massage service whether you are preparing for or recovering from an event or just need relief from built up tension. 

Bike fitting is an interesting one. We don't all fit neatly into the same box. A bike fit is about you and not simply about fitting to numbers. None of us are symmetrical and we all move differently depending on our imbalances, joint restrictions and injury. Spotting the anomaly is the straight forward part, resolving it  is the skilful part and that can take time, often involving an off the bike strength and conditioning programme. Scott works closely with you over time  to optimise any treatment plan as there are no quick fixes. 


Contact points are all important on the bike, from getting the right saddle, to the right shape and width handlebars to the pedal/shoe interface and the often neglected aspect of actual shoe fit. A good insole is one thing, but the main point is whether your shoes actually fit the shape and width of your feet. Scott works with the Lake brand of shoes who offer numerous widths across different models to be able to find your perfect shoe with our shoe fitting service, also for running shoes.  Scott also works with other partner brands such as Rotor Components, for their oval Q rings and power meters, Shand Cycles, WTB tyres and Gore Wear


We also have links with many cool companies from across the outdoor industry. Check out the links section for everything from coaching, events, accommodation and quality brands. 

Drop  Scott a message if you want to find out more or are looking to understand your active body better. 

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