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scotty cornish

BSc Physiotherapy
IBFI Level 3

Scott trained as a physiotherapist and bike fitter in the UK, coming from a background  of racing mountain bikes and mountain sports. In his aging years, he continues to race (the longer the better!), trail run and ski tour. Scott brings a wealth of personal experience into his professional practice.  


Through injury, over training and a desire to understand his own sporting body better, Scotty embarked on his journey to become a physiotherapist. From that he trained as a bike fitter, currently level 3 certified with the International Bike Fit Institute, later adding strength and performance coaching to his portfolio. 

He hasn't been without long term issues. Diagnosed in his mid 30s with degenerative lumbar disc disease due to ongoing lower back pain, he was advised to avoid aggravating sports such as off-road cycling and trail running. Scotty ignored this, finding a way to both reduce the pain, have greater confidence in his body and maintain his ability to perform. He achieved this through strength training, which he regularly continues to this day. 

Through his years of receiving treatments and working with athletes of all levels, he understands how to individualise his approach. His physio training has taught him much: the importance of up-to-date evidence based practice, how to treat and manage symptoms, how education is a treatment in itself, how active treatments are the key way to 'fix' issues for the long term and just how important strength training is for overall health, not just for performance gains. 

With over 25+ years of experience in adventure sport behind him, he still seeks to redefine what he thinks he can achieve, sharing this ethos with clients. It doesn't matter what age or shape you are, he helps clients build confidence in their bodies and what they can achieve. 

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