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Sports Therapy

Sports & Remedial massage

Clinical Bikefitting


Sport therapy, sports and remedial massage and clinical bike fitting services for active people of all levels, backgrounds and ages. 

Scott is a Level 3 International Bike Fit Institute (IBFI) recognised bike fitter.

Whether it's prehab,  rehab, performance orientated therapy or an optimal bike position, Scott will work with you to help you better understand your active body, recover from injury and become more resilient. 

Coming from background of bike racing, trail running and ski touring, Scott knows only too well the importance of strength work, the impact injury has both physically and psychologically and how to look after the active body, especially as we age.


With his personal experience of injury and degenerative disc disease in his lumbar spine, Scott practices what he preaches with regular strength and conditioning exercises along with participating in single and multi day off road cycling events. 


Looking for gear advice too? Through extensive experience over the years, Scott can advise on saddles, handlebars (gravel, road and mtb),  ergonomic grips, oval chainrings, shoes and shoe fit for cycling and running. In fact, he's happy chatting about gear for anything outdoors!


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Sports Therapy


Assessment and treatment session. Prehab and rehab programmes, acute to chronic injuries, biomechanical assessments.

€65       45minutes

Bikefitting outdoors


You are accompanied on an outdoors ride, off or on road to assess your posture as it changes over the course of the ride and over different terrain.

price varies with duration

Deep tissue massage


Tailored massage session, from deep tissue and fascial release to recovery and remedial. Pre and/or post event or maintenance during training periods. 

€70       60 minutes.

Cycling shoe fitting


Correctly fitting shoes are just as important for performance and comfort as the bike fit itself. Get measured and get the right width shoes and insoles.

€35 or €20 as part of a bike fit



IBFI level 3 fitter. Optimise your bike position for comfort and performance, through an off and on the bike biomechanical assessment.

€160        2hrs 30minutes

Running shoe fitting


Get your feet measured to find the right width shoe for you to allow your foot to spread and function as it should do for improved performance.