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Be Better
Feel Better
build greater confidence in what you can do 


Performance sports therapy & bike fitting - IBFI level 3 certified

Sports and strength coaching 

Changing the narrative of why I can't to how I can


scotty cornish

UK physio trained and with a background in competitive endurance sports, Scott brings a wealth of clinical and real world experience to his practice, coaching and education, having rehabbed himself from various injuries.

He continues to practice what he preaches as a 50+ athlete, managing the effects of degenerative lumbar disc disease (after the diagnosis in his early 30s, he was recommended to to give up his adventure sports) so that he can continue to seek out new adventures and challenges by bike and by foot. 

Being neuro-diverse, he was always told what he couldn't do, flipping that narrative to what he can do. 



physiotherapy chamonix

Sports Therapy


Assessment and treatment session. Prehab and rehab programmes, acute to chronic injuries, biomechanical assessments. Evidence based practice and education 

€65       45minutes


Sports & remedial massage

Tailored massage session, from deep tissue and fascial release to recovery and remedial. Pre and/or post event or maintenance during training periods. 

€75       60 minutes.


Clinical Bikefitting

IBFI level 3 registered fitter. Only 1 of 2 in France. Fitting to body angles doesn't individualise or optimise the process, fitting to how you move does 

€170        2hrs 30minutes

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