45 minutes    

    Assessment and treatment session. Treatments are not only physical based but also education based, helping you to understand your issues giving you more autonomy for long term management. I'll work with you, giving relevant rehab and prehab strength and conditioning programmes for home self management.  

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    60 minutes

    Massage tailored to your needs, from deep tissue to relaxing. Whether you're looking for treatment pre event, post event or for maintenance during training periods, regular massage will help to keep your active body in better shape. Deep tissue works on the fascia, helping to restore alignment and balance within the body.

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    2.5 hours

    Optimise your bike position for comfort and performance. Whether you are looking to check that your position is optimal for your body or you are experiencing pain and discomfort, a clinical bikefit is for you. 

    An off the bike biomechanical assessment forms the basis of the fit process with relevant strength and conditioning exercises given to manage any issues  which may have been identified. After all, we are the component which is asymmetrical. 

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    Price dependant on duration of ride

    You are accompanied on a pre arranged ride, whether off or on road to assess your posture over the course of the ride as it changes at different efforts, over different terrain and when fatigued. We can then work on a strategy to improve any inefficient postural changes with sections of the ride being recorded as visual feedback for you. 

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    €35 or €25 with a bike fit

    30 minutes

    Shoe fit is often not considered as part of a bike fit, but a properly fitting shoe width wise will improve performance through comfort, especially on longer rides and events. We will size you up and recommend a shoe that fits  along with the appropriate insole! No more buying a size or 2 up to get the correct width or shape. Lake offer a comprehensive range with various width options.  

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    30 minutes

    Running in ill fitting shoes will compromise your performance, whatever your level. The foot is an important functional unit and needs to be able to move properly. Shoes that are too wide or more importantly, too narrow are going to cause issues. Allowing the foot to spread properly can also improve stability. We will measure you up and recommend shoes that will fit properly.

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    Appointments can be made out of hours. Please call. 




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