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Revelate designs mountain feedbags review

Updated: Mar 21

I have owned a set of Revelate Design’s original mountain feedbags for a number of years and they have been faultless over 1000s of kilometres. They have carried bottles and been stuffed with food without issue, but eventually needed replacement after I had left some loose food in one of them overnight and mice chewed through the bag to get to the tasty morsels. Revelate Designs by this time had brought out an updated version, still with all the usual features, but with the addition of some new ones. I’ve put in a good few 1000km with these updated feedbags over the course of races and trips in Australia and New Zealand. .

All the external storage features are still there: 3 storage pockets on the outside of the bag, it’s 3 side anchor point options for attachment to the stem and the genius feature for cleaning out all that food residue that can accumulate in the bottom of the bag, especially when it becomes mush in wet conditions! There's a popper that can be undone to lift out the internal material sleeve to be able to give it a good clean. Then simply pop it back in again. A simple, but brilliant idea. It has retained its bright yellow colour too so you can clearly see any contents deep inside.

Features that have changed; the feedbag is slightly larger than the previous incarnation, so that it can more securely fit a 750ml bottle. An aspect that I can confirm, even on demanding, rough descents.

The main, updated change is the opening and closure system. In response to riders wanting easier and faster access on the go, it can now be done single handed. A simple, but clever easy to grasp loop, thanks to the moulded on plastic piece, enables single handed opening. Then pull on the usual shock cord loop to close it again, which has a large plastic end piece for ease of grasping with any gloves. Easy and simple to do on the fly.

The feedbags aren’t waterproof, but highly water-resistant. Obviously water will ingress with the open top and there’s even a small cut out at the bottom of the non-mesh pocket so it doesn’t fill with water. The 3 mounting points (stem, handlebars and fork crown) make the feedbags solid on the bike, but make sure to tape the fork crown to avoid strap rub causing any wear. With a 50mm stem I used Drj0n Bagworks DeWIdget with the DeWidget Double Dangler for attaching the feedbag to the side anchor points with short velcro straps.

The single-handed opening and closure system makes a useful and practical piece of gear even more so. With a slightly increased capacity and all the functionality of the original feedbags, they are a go-to bag for any long distance trip. There's even five colour ways to choose from to match your bike.

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